VATA (air)  - made up of the elements space and air

Usually slim with bony limbs and straight body shapes, Vata types gain weight in the middle. Their skin is fine and dry, they feel the cold more than others and have difficulty sweating. They have an irregular and erratic appetite. Vata types are prone to feeling ‘wired’ and stressed, and may feel tired come late afternoon. They are creative, enthusiastic, active, alert and restless, jumping from one idea to the next.

Despite not having a great memory, Vata types are quick to learn, spiritually perceptive and are happiest when in contact with nature and the outdoors. They have a heightened sense of touch and an appreciation for beauty. You might recognise them as having their head in the clouds and talking at a million miles per hour.

The ‘qualities’ or characteristics of Vata are light, dry, rough, clear, active, cold and mobile, and pungent, bitter and astringent in taste. Therefore, choosing more of the qualities or characteristics in food and lifestyle choices which have the opposite effect such as heavy, moist, smooth, sticky, slow, warm, stable, salty, sour and sweet helps to maintain balance or bring excess Vata back into equilibrium.

IN BALANCE Vata personalities are energetic, vivacious, joyful, friendly, open-minded, free in spirit, embrace change and learn easily, are clear and alert, sleep long and lightly, have balanced digestion, good circulation and an even body temperature.

OUT OF BALANCE Vata personalities can be tired or fatigued, forgetful or spaced-out, anxious and frazzled with a lack of focus, have difficulty falling asleep, suffer occasional constipation and poor circulation.

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