What are doshas? Sound delicious, right?

‘Doshas’ in Ayurveda (not to be confused with ‘dosas’ which yes, are very delicious!) are ‘mind body types’ categorised as Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth). Each dosha expresses unique blends of physical, emotional and mental characteristics also known as ‘qualities’. 

Each of us embodies elements of all three doshas, giving you a genetic constitution or underlying nature known as a ‘prakriti’, that is either predominant in one dosha, a combination of two doshas or 'tridoshic' (equal parts Vata, Pitta, Kapha). If this unique balance of ours tips and our unique dosha ratio goes out of whack, then we will need to rebalance it again for optimum health. The great news is that in Ayurveda, we can draw on elements around us as ‘medicine’ because everything that exists also has a quality which we can draw on. We can look to herbs, foods, colours, drinks, environments, smells, and lifestyles to create equilibrium. Want to find out what your own dosha is? 

Review the below noting which of the doshas you're more predominate in. Take a long term/honest look at this and use what is true most of your life. ie. Not how you're feeling after a night on the town!



  • Thin, light, slender frame, small dark eyes, smaller mouth, thin lips
  • Drier skin, hair, nails, joints
  • Irregular bones, teeth, hair
  • Sensitive to colder temperatures
  • Tendency to dislike wind
  • Cold hands, nose, feet
  • Irregular appetite
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Light, restless sleeper
  • Active mind
  • Likely to be creative, artistic, full of ideas
  • Open and tolerant


  • Medium build, moderate muscle mass, medium sized eyes that are light in colour
  • Fair, warm, reddish skin, freckles and moles with a tendency towards rashes and acne
  • Soft, light, thin hair, tendency to grey or bald
  • Skin burns easily in the sun, sensitive to heat
  • Warm extremities with good circulation
  • Robust, healthy appetite
  • Irritable if meals are skipped
  • Prone to inflammation
  • Regular menstrual cycles
  • Light but moderately good sleep with tendency to burn candle at both ends
  • Intelligent, powerful, clear, focused, short tempered, aggressive, competitive, workaholic, ambitious, conversationalist


  • Stocky build, larger frame, tendency to gain weight easily
  • Large eyes, thick eyelashes, rounder face, full lips
  • Soft, thick, hair with a tendency to be oily
  • Not fond of cold, damp environments
  • Steady appetite with slow but regular bowel movements and minimal urination
  • High production of mucous, tendency towards colds, allergies
  • Regular menstrual cycles with little to no premenstrual symptoms
  • Heavy sleepers with tendency to oversleep
  • Easy going, fun loving, slower moving

Note: This test is designed to guide cannot take the place of an evaluation by a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. An evaluation by your practitioner may be even more accurate.