This month, I’m sharing the 5 wellness products I recommend to everyone over on MindBodyGreen. Keep reading to find out what they are — and I’ve added a bonus 2 just for you!



Black + Blum Food Flask

Ayurveda is all about freshly cooked, easy-to-digest comfort food, and if you're looking for an economical way to eat well, then the classic dishes of Ayurveda from kitchari to dal are the way to go. Hot, soupy foods are hydrating and keep you warm—which is especially important in colder months, or nearly all year round north of the equator. Freshly cooked food is full of Prana ("life force") and is effectively "predigested," so it's less taxing on the system, according to Ayurveda—and from my personal experience—than raw food. This kind of food also helps to balance the Vata Dosha, which is the first to get out of whack in the fast-paced, overstimulating world we live in. A soup, stew, or dal is easily transported in this insulated Black + Blum Food Flask—so you're ready for a hot meal at work without the microwave.



LO ROX Travel Foam Roller

I first met fascia and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh at mbg revitalize a few years ago, and ever since then, I have been converted to foam rolling. I try to always travel with a mini travel version of the LO ROX foam roller. Come the end of the day, I feel and sleep so much better if I can loosen up my muscles and realign. I also use it as a prop under my hips or between my shoulder blades for a little at-home yin yoga session to open up my back, which is often a bit cranky after spending hours seated at a laptop or traveling on public transport.



Wild Graces Vata perfume

Not only is this Wild Graces Vata Parfum my signature scent, but this oil-based perfume works to soothe the endless Vata aggravation that comes from the stresses and strains of our tech-filled modern lives. It's calming, grounding (thanks to the sweet earthy tones of vanilla, rose, and patchouli essential oils that help balance the high-energy air and space elements of Vata), and simply delicious. I wish I had £1 for every person who has leaned in a little bit closer to catch a whiff! The Pitta version has been heaven this summer too.



The Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Everyone who knows me knows that I go on and on about tongue scraping as part of my routine, and as recommended in the Dinacharya (the Ayurvedic daily routine). The other part of my morning routine, which goes hand in hand with tongue cleaning, is oil pulling. Unlike with harsh mouthwashes that burn the taste buds with astringent chemicals, oil pulling with a product like The Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash is gentle and nourishing and works in much the same way as oil cleansing for the face—by supporting the microbiome of the mouth and helping draw out the harmful bacteria. It helps promote teeth and gum health and prevent infections, among other things. It's a 10- to 20-minute affair, but I do it while I'm in the shower at least once a week because I really notice the benefits.



Biosonics Tuning Forks

Ever since my health practitioner used tuning forks on me for the first time, I knew sound would be part of my work. I'm now trained in sound therapy, and I love to host and play sound baths using crystal alchemy singing bowls and gongs for a beautiful, easy, and luxurious way to meditate—that's totally passive! My C and G tuning forks (aka the body tuners that together play the perfect fifth—a special sound used to balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems) are my constant companions for grounding myself post-travel, cleansing hotel rooms or workspaces, or even (literally) clearing the air after an argument with my other half!


And my bonus recommendations:


spice tin

Herbs and spices are mother nature’s medicine cabinet and while herbs felt quite straightforward when I first started cooking, spices were one of those things that I was wary could easily overpower a dish (ever gone overboard with cloves anyone?!). Back in the day, little spice jars purchased for a particular recipe were often left to languish at the back of cupboards, losing their potency because I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them into other dishes. Through Ayurveda I’ve learnt not only how powerful spices are for digestion and taste satisfaction (which is everything), but I’ve also grown more confident in using them — spicy to me means fragrant and delicious, not chilli-hot! Having a spice tin, which is commonplace in Indian households, keeps everything in one place and makes cooking with a variety so much more doable and inspiring. This way, not only do I end up using spices in the majority of my meals, but in using them often it means I’ve always got a fresh stash.



Jillian Dempsey Gold Face Bar

This skin-sculpting T-bar has become an essential part of my evening wind down. Over the years I’ve used both humming (think hummingbird breath AKA bee breath in yoga) and self-face massage as effective ways to switch off before bed. While both are free and this Face Bar isn’t, this little gadget combines the vibrations and the massage in one, easing tensions from my brow line and jawline where it collects all too easily. The precious metal gold (and this one is 24K) has huge therapeutic properties as well as being anti-bacterial. It’s also good to ease away those tech-neck lines (and just acknowledging this usage is a great reminder to use your devices more carefully and be more conscious about your posture while using them) as well as making skin care products more potent as they’re pushed deeper into the skin.


Jasmine Hemsley