SZ Blockprints  top  &  trousers , V by Townsley  bag , vintage sunglasses

SZ Blockprints top & trousers, V by Townsley bag, vintage sunglasses


It comes as no surprise that I love a big bold outfit. The louder, brighter and more fun the clothes, the more I feel the same way! Fashion should be about having a laugh, being creative and not taking ourselves too seriously. One of my favourite things to do is to put two (or three, or four!) items together that are completely unexpected but work because you “own it” — confidence in yourself with a bit of flair from your fashion is a winner. I’ve taken this stripey two-toned pink shirt (could be pyjamas) and flower-clad wide trousers (could be the ‘70s), accessorised with an oversized blue bag (could be going away for the weekend) and equally massive sunglasses (could be a celebrity). Hope you find this outfit as fun as I do!


SZ Blockprints by Sarah Zellwegger is a London-based company who partner with a multigenerational family printing studio in Jaipur to make their bright clothes with a rich heritage. Each pattern has a different — and long — story to tell, and each is carefully chosen and executed by hand by these skilled local artisans in a sustainable way. 10 percent of the profits benefit the SZ Foundation, which works with local organisations in Jaipur to support vocational training and empowerment programmes for women.



V by Townsley create cruelty-free vegan leather bags, all handcrafted in Italy with Japanese materials. The brand’s founders, sisters-in-law Georgie and Jo, are dedicated to sustainability, veganism and fair trade throughout the production process.


I picked these up from a vintage shop in Switzerland. These glasses stand the test of time — hold onto your classics and they’ll come around again and again. And while you’re waiting, you can always use them for fancy dress parties!