A key fashion trend right now? Dressing like an extra on Little House on the Prairie. Oh yeah, you read that right. This season is all about frilly flowery Laura Ashley-esque dresses. Frilly isn’t my regular style and I’m not typically that concerned with following trends because I know what I like regardless of whether it’s in fashion or not, but this may be the one time my wardrobe and fresh-off-the-runway style collide. Of course, the problem with trying to follow a trend is the tendency to buy new stuff every time the fashion changes. But it’s totally possible to follow trends in a sustainable way and this trend is particularly suited to vintage, second hand and you can add in all manor of folk items, textures and patterns (sticking mostly to natural dyes - think yellows, ochres, whites, pale blues, greens and pinks) The first place to start is always your wardrobe — you might be surprised what trendy outfits you can whip up with what you already own. Again this prairie look lends itself well to incorporating all manner of floral patterns, as well as block-colour styles too, you can really experiment as long as you keep it floaty and voluminous and yes, go fussy if you like, too. Perhaps, most original of all is second-hand shopping. Head to your local charity shops, car boots and vintage shops are ideal — after all, fashion comes back in cycles! Thirdly, shop second-hand online, I’ve included a few of my favourite Prairie-esque styles below. In short, who knows where you might run into the perfect ‘80s Laura Ashley number? And finally, check out some of my fave sustainable brands on my Fashion blog and below for inspiration.


This global brand is a go-to for hippy, flowy, ‘70s-y style. Free People is part of the URBN group that also includes Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, and they’re doing more and more towards a sustainable production chain. On the eco front, they strive to use renewable materials and reuse them as often as possible, as well as participating in recycling programmes and solar energy initiatives. They partner with a number of charities, including mentorship, fighting against cancer, alleviating poverty and more. Finally, they partner with up-and-coming artists, smaller design companies and charitable brands to create their collections.



I’m so proud to be an ambassador for watch-maker Oris. Being such a bespoke company, Oris naturally have a deep respect for sustainability and are dedicated first and foremost to creating products that last. Experts say that a good watch should outlive you, so it truly is an investment and this is a philosophy that Oris apply to every watch they sell. The brand is also dedicated to innovation within sustainability, aiming to use new ethical materials in their future designs.



V by Townsley create cruelty-free vegan leather bags, all handcrafted in Italy with Japanese materials. The brand’s founders, sisters-in-law Georgie and Jo, are dedicated to sustainability, veganism and fair trade throughout the production process.


1970s Vintage Laura Ashley Cotton Maxi Dress

Made in Wales — fits a UK size 12-16.




Vintage 70s Floral Prairie Maxi Dress Pinafore

Vintage 70s floral pinafore maxi dress with ruffle hem, low cut arms and back zip fastening. Waist 30 Length 60. Size 10/12. Great vintage condition.




Vintage 1970s Tiered Floral & Colour Block Prairie Skirt

Gorgeous printed midi skirt. fastens with a zip at the back Measures just under 26 inches at the waist. 30 inches long. In good used condition. No internal labels. Material is 100% cotton.




Vintage Laura Ashley 70s Prairie Cotton Maxi Dress

Fits a UK size 8-10.




Beautiful Vintage Green Floral 70s Cotton Maxi Dress

Bust - 32 inch, waist - 26 inch, hips - 42 inch, length - 60 inch.




Vintage 70s Brown Pattern Prairie Boho Dress

Fits a UK size 10-12.




Vintage 70s Maxi Dress

Fits a UK size 10.