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Regardless of what the British weather gets up to in the next few weeks, summer is officially here. The June 21st solstice marks the new season, when commuters are magically calmer and happier, and when an overall sense of ease seems to settle down on us — the sun has that effect here in the North of the Equator! The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, a reminder to make the most of these long evenings while we have them! Fashion-wise, we get to go flowy, light and bright — it’s sartorial play time. To mark the occasion, I’ve dressed up in sunshine colours, so at least if the sun doesn’t come out of hiding I can just look to my dress to catch some much-needed rays.


Neve & Noor’s clothing lines are designed by Sophie Bartelski Mitchell and handcrafted by screen printers in Jaipur. That means their designs are totally original and perfect for the hot weather — I love the intricate patterns for every occasion, from florals to more geometric shapes.

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BEEN LONDON make every bag and accessory using recycled sustainable textiles to make something beautiful, timeless and lasting. They focus on simple designs to keep the prices affordable, all while placing importance on a sustainable and ethical production line.


SEVEN FEET APART started making trainers, boots and brogues in 2017 in an effort to produce quality shoes at a fair price. The designs are created in St. Albans and brought to life by family-run businesses in Portugal. 7 percent of the company’s resources are dedicated to their charitable initiative, THIS MILE; every employee picks a project to support and get involved in within one mile of their home, so they can make a positive impact on their community.

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