If you’ve been following me for some time you’ll know that I love an accessory. There is one in particular that has become a constant companion: my Oris watch. Since I became an ambassador in 2017, my watch has helped me get to places on time (or close enough!) while helping to discourage me from using my phone or devices to check the time — a case of old technology helping me build a healthier relationship with new technology!

A couple of years back, I visited the Oris HQ in the picturesque village of Hölstein in the Northwest of Switzerland, where the brand has been based since 1904 — their name even comes from the river that runs close by. It was fascinating to explore the headquarters, peeking behind the scenes of the brand and witnessing the care, attention and detail that goes into making an Oris watch, as well as the precision needed to make a tiny timepiece. Being such a bespoke company, Oris naturally have a deep respect for sustainability and are dedicated first and foremost to creating products that last. My friend, a watch dealer, told me that Oris are a brand for people who know watches. Experts say that a good watch should outlive you, so it truly is an investment and this is a philosophy that Oris apply to every watch they sell. The brand is also dedicated to innovation within sustainability, aiming to use new ethical materials in their future designs.

The first foray into achieving this goal comes in the shape of Oris’s new sustainable watch strap. The leather used in the new straps meets the ecological standards of the International Association of Textiles and the manufacturing process also aligns with the requirements mapped out by the European Environmental Standards when it comes to water protection, emission control and waste management across the supply chain. The colours used are hypoallergenic, heavy metal-free, and have no artificial colour layers on the surface.

Designed to only get better with age, the natural unsealed leather adapts with the wearer (as mine has!) to give each strap a unique patina and personality. My watch is the Oris Artelier Grande Lune, but for more on Oris and the brand’s full collection, head over to