Parisa Hashempour at Healthista recently asked me about a topic that's a bit taboo in Ayurveda: snacking! The Ayurvedic lifestyle typically prescribes a gap of 4 to 6 hours between meals (including snacks and herbal teas) to let your hunger build, so I avoid snacking when I can. That said, snacks definitely have a role to play in our busy lifestyles — and I'm no exception. Here are the not-so-well-kept secrets I admitted to the website.


Social media star and one half of the  Hemsley + Hemsley brand. Jasmine has a passion for home-cooked food and natural remedies which she shares in her latest book East by West. Plus she has just launched a new wellness mission, harnessing the therapeutic frequencies of sound with Sound Sebastien. Sound Sebastien hosts immersive, uplifting sound baths, using the harmonics of gemstones and crystal alchemy.

Mid-afternoon used to be a tricky one for me, as it was always such a long stretch until dinner, but snacking meant that my dinner would end up being even later and affect my sleep. Over the past few years, I’ve made my dinner much earlier, and it’s no longer my main meal of the day. This has nipped the need to snack in the bud whilst also ensuring I was well digested before bed for a better night sleep. If I know I’m having a late dinner and feeling hungry then I will always eat something grounding and nourishing that won’t spike my blood sugars so that I don’t overeat later.

I try not to ever make myself feel guilty but chocolate is definitely a relationship that I am constantly working on. It’s something I reach for if I’m run down, over stimulated or flagging from a long day. When I’m feeling good in myself, chocolate doesn’t come knocking, so I try to observe those times when I’m stressed out and limit myself to a few pieces, enjoy a hot herbal tea and remind myself that I’d best go meditate and get an early night. I’m definitely a stress snacker. My hand will auto move anything into my mouth if I’m stressed, distracted and run-down. Also when I’m around food all day, especially on food shoots as I don’t like to waste a thing!


  1. Golden milk – the classic Ayurvedic recipe, full of tasty, healing spices. It’s a bit like hot chocolate but without the caffeine. This is my go-to on late nights when I’ve missed dinner or am already peckish again after dinner as it’s soothing, warming, easy-to-digest and calms me down before bed. It’s delicious, easy and everyone loves it.

  2. Ladoos – the original energy ball. Ladoos are an age-old snack from India that makes a lovely Ayurvedic addition to your recipe repertoire. I love that they are usually made with toasted chickpea or lentil flour which is cheap, high in protein and tastes nutty without being a fruit and nut ball because let’s face it most healthy snacks are. Easy to do, endless variations, great for kids, ladoos last ages and make a great snack or dessert.

  3. Stewed apples. I love this as a light breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon to fill a gap. As it’s cooked this fruit is much easier on the digestion than raw food after 4 pm. And thanks to the combination of spices with the apple it’s great for upset tummies.