Have you spotted me on the cover of Healthy magazine?? It was such an honour to cover the December/January issue, and I love the feature on East by West in the mag too! It was such perfect timing for a story about balance, as so many of us feel terribly out of whack during the colder months. Read on for a preview of the article.


With our increasingly holistic approach to health, Jasmine believes it’s time to embrace Ayurveda. "We’re getting more comfortable with the notion that health isn’t just physical; yoga came over in the 1960s, mindfulness is more mainstream. Ayurveda is so relevant as it offers genuine balance."

"In the 1980s and 1990s it was about the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle. Anyone with a weak digestion or who was a bit fragile was not fun," she says. "Now, we’re way more inclusive. Of course, social media can be skewed; it’s full of girls in cool leggings sipping green juices, but equally we’ve made it aspirational for young women to be having brunch with their friends rather than staggering back from a nightclub at 8am. We’ve gone from one extreme to another. It’s time to find that balance."

Achingly aware of the faddy world she could be accused of inhabiting, Jasmine’s keen to share her views on the hype. "Look at milk," she begins. "In the past if you were ill you would be sent to Bath Spa to sit in the thermal pools and drink milk – it was medicine. Now it comes from factory farmed cows that are pumped full of hormones. It’s skimmed, homogenised and pasteurised. It’s not that dairy is bad for us, it’s what we’ve done with it. Then there’s the kale obsession," she continues. "There’s a limit to how many green smoothies you should have. Similarly, we’re all obsessed with protein and while free range eggs are an incredible source of protein, fat and nutrients, if you eat too many, you can’t go to the toilet!" Once again, it’s about balance.

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For more, pick up the December 2017/January 2018 issue of Healthy.

Jasmine Hemsley