In East by West and on my website, I go into how Ayurveda became such a crucial part of my life. This month, I wrote more about my journey with the practice in Because Magazine — here is a sneak peek at what I said!


Ayurveda had been knocking on my door for quite some time before I chose to delve into it and incorporate it into my everyday. I wasn’t always sure that something so ancient could possibly hold the answers for modern life, but I’ve realised that the new health rules are actually the old ones. This tried and tested philosophy has thousands of years on its side, and so much healing power to embrace.

While it may have been a slow burn, Ayurveda has offered me such rich wisdom over the years. It has given me the tools to observe myself, nature and life around me, and therefore, inform myself and others on self-care. Ayurveda gives me a way and a simple framework to question what is good for myself.

If you look around us, there’s an incredible knowledge out there in the universe that’s untapped; call it the reason why Mozart wrote those symphonies as a child, or that Einstein came up with all those equations out of seemingly nowhere. It’s also a greater awareness of the words ‘consciousness’ and ‘intention’. Essentially, one element of Ayurveda is about questioning what your intention is in doing something. If, for example, you hurt somebody... was it your intention to hurt them? Or, was it a hand-on-heart unconscious accident? In the case of the latter, Ayurveda teaches us to remove the guilt – providing a way of honouring our emotions without letting them rule us.