There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the (highly coveted!) capsule wardrobe — a smaller array of a few key pieces from which you can create your “uniform.” I love this idea in theory as it would make it easier to get dressed on the one hand, and on the other you would have more space for everything else, but in reality, being the magpie that I am, it’s just not realistic! I’m too much of a fan of all things coloured, patterned, loud and proud and nostalgic to be able to stick to just a few versatile basics, as great as I think that is. That being said, if I were to have a uniform, aka a formula I wear time and time again, it would be this: activewear leggings and a jumper. What can I say? These are warm and comfortable and mildly more acceptable than trackie bottoms. When I work from home it’s what you’ll find me in, and running my Ayurveda-inspired retreat last month in Portugal it was the uniform de rigueur. The below is one of my favourite combos that I have had on constant rotation for the past few months — read on for the brands.


Nimble hails from Bondi Beach, Sydney which already makes it cool! The brand’s signature COMPRESSLITE™ fabric is made from recycled bottles. The recycled bottles are cleaned, melted down and turned into a yarn that’s knitted up with spandex - better still, this process uses far less carbon dioxide compared to using virgin materials. Every pair of COMPRESSLITE tights contains 6 recycled plastic bottles. The brand is also committed to safe, ethical production. To give back, the brand also donates AU $1 from every online order sale to I = Change, an organisation that runs different initiatives to help empower women globally.


A London based brand, Charli is pledging to work towards complete traceability and ethical consideration as its primary focus. The brand’s aim is to constantly reduce the use of raw materials, energy, water and chemicals by implementing the latest developments and technologies. The Alpaca yarn used to make this jumper doesn't contain the oils or lanolin found in sheep’s wool which can use harsh chemical treatments. All our Alpaca yarn is sourced from Peru where treatment of animals is closely regulated and all farmers have to adhere to strict standards. Charli sources its cotton under the Better Cotton Initiative BCI, which is a socially responsible programme developed to educate farmers in the growing of crops for a better product and a better environment. It reduces the environmental impact of cotton production, with up to 55% less pesticides and 14% less water being used. The brand is committed to working with its suppliers to achieve all its sustainability goals whilst still maintaining high standards of quality matched with beautiful designs.

Portugal_ FashEdit_2019-3823.jpg


Salt-Water Sandals is on a mission to reduce its footprint and continue working towards being a 100% ethical and sustainable brand. The brand's sandals are still manufactured in the same U.S. factory that was used when the brand started in the 1940s. Most employees are flexible and move around the factory as well as being trained in the multiple parts of the manufacturing process. In the U.S. factory, each pair of shoes goes through 13 people before being delivered to your door. Likewise, Salt-Water has also recently overhauled its packaging to ensure it's as environmentally friendly as possible.