Nothing says "summer" quite like wearing sunglasses every day and since this has been the best run we've had in the UK by far for some years, I've been trialling quite a few brands that have more than just their design to shout about. These creative labels all boast sustainable production practices and materials, as well as a commitment to helping communities locally and around the world.



MATT & NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE. An 100% vegan brand, the company uses sustainable materials such as cork and rubber in its designs. The linings of handbags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. MATT & NAT is incredibly vigilant in the factories it uses and currently only produces in factories that operate by the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all.



Founder of Bird Ed Bird comes from a close-knit family of designers and artists who are involved in many aspects of the design process. Bird Sunglasses was born when Ed was looking for a way to combine his skills in design, business and social entrepreneurship to create a beautiful product that would make an impact in more ways than one. The award-winning, sustainable eyewear brands lightweight frames are made from sustainable materials. Every pair sold brings the gift of solar light to families in Malawi, Zambia and Uganda through Bird's Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid.


Wires Glasses was founded by Yair Neuman, a London-based designer. When in need of some sunglasses on holiday, Yair decided to make himself a pair using materials he had on hand, including a single piece of wire. Wire frames are handmade in a family run business in the Italian Dolomites, a region with a long history of craftsmanship. The brand uses extruded metal wires for the frames and 3D printing for the lens rims, producing a minuscule amount of waste in comparison to conventional methods of manufacturing eyewear. The wire frame also fits the different lens shapes that they have on offer, changing up your look while keeping things minimal.



As a sustainable business, Carla Colour make every effort to be socially and environmentally responsible. They only work and partner with suppliers who share their ethos and can verify that their factories adhere to the highest socially responsible standards. All the frames of their glasses are made from renewable sources.