WRAY at Antibad dress, Gung Ho at Ethical Collection earrings, NANDI bag and Juta shoes  

Pictured here hanging out at my local, the Electric Elephant Cafe, this may just be one of my favourite sustainable looks so far, with natural ecru vibes from the cotton teamed with pops of colour from my earrings, bag and shoes. It's a 50/50 split between British and International brands that I've discovered over the past couple months. At the moment, in the UK especially, it really does feel like we're pioneering a movement towards a more ethical future: Juta, who manufacture the espadrilles I am wearing, are a perfect example. Based in Tower Hamlets, London, Juta provide local income-deprived residents with well-paid, flexible employment as well as opportunities to build confidence and gain new skills within a strong supportive community. Not only do they have such a visible production line, but the materials they use are also equally well-sourced and considered. Gung Ho, who design and make the earrings I am wearing, are just as dedicated to making a positive impact. They are equally committed to making sustainable clothing as they are to sending a message with every piece about protecting our environment too — check out this post where I wore their bee sweatshirt. Oh, and sorry for Julie's bum shot. ;-)

Read on for more details on the other brands I'm wearing. 



Founded in 2015 by Wray Cook, WRAY is a New York-based contemporary womenswear collection. Made from 100% silk, the Mina Dress I'm wearing here is easy, breezy, and environmentally friendly. Designed in Brooklyn and produced in a fair-trade factory in India, this is a dress that can be worn with a clear conscience.


Antibad is a curated shop and journal for Earth- and human-friendly fashion across vintage and new labels. After working in luxury fashion, Antibad's founder, Agatha Lintott, decided to turn her eye for effortless chic to ethical brands. Antibad aims to bring style and substance together again and change the perception of sustainable fashion.


Gung Ho is London-based ethical brand that’s on a mission to create fashion that means more. Born out of an ambition to push boundaries in sustainable fashion, the brand's collections are not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but they also weave more meaning into the prints by illustrating particular environmental issues. Each collection is centred on a cause, or "Talking Point," with a current focus on the importance of insects and the impact of pesticides.



Giovanna Eastwood founded Ethical Collection in 2015, encouraged by the work of her mother's charity in Brazil. The charity taught young women to craft and sell bags made of recycled material and Giovanna witnessed the impact this work had on these women and their communities. The pride they took in their art and the environmental benefits of recycled material gave her inspiration and incentive to dedicate her skills to ethical fashion. Enthusiastic about her friend Giovanna's style and purpose, Annina Youngblood joined Ethical Collection in late 2016. What started out as two friends sharing ideas about sustainable fashion led to a flourishing, fruitful collaboration. Together, they give us the choice of style with a story.


NANDI was founded by two best friends in 2016. What started as an online shop has since developed into a concept store in the heart of Berlin. NANDI select unique textile treasures and accessories from all over the world. Inspired by artisans from various cultures and backgrounds, the founders also create and collect their own products and are working closely with workshops in Morocco, Peru, Mexico and Indonesia.



Juta's shoes are made from environmentally-friendly jute soles sourced from Southern Spain and reclaimed leather from local factories, like parters Alma 1938. By saving these offcuts from landfill, they are given a new life, preventing waste. Juta shoes are made from just four materials, three of which are fully biodegradable.