If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I swear by tongue tingling (AKA tongue scraping) as a daily ritual. It’s the first thing I do every morning to get rid of the buildup that accumulates on the tongue overnight, which in turn helps freshen the breath and make the taste of food more satisfying. This Ayurvedic practice helps prevent infections and promote healthy digestion, as well as overall health. For me, seeing the health of my tongue also offers a window onto my health on a daily basis — and since it takes seconds to do, uses a Tongue Tingler that can last a lifetime, making it economical on the pocket as well as eco-friendly, and given that once you start you can’t live without it, it’s probably the quickest, easiest and most effective Ayurvedic technique to kick off with and a habit you certainly won’t be inclined to break!


To learn more about this morning ritual, read my blog post on it here. As for which scraper to use, copper is the ultimate material as it is antibacterial — that’s why the East by West Tongue Tingler is perfect. Get yours here. If you make just one change in 2019, tongue tingling can make such a difference to your everyday wellbeing, so you can get on with everything else the next few months throw your way. And if you need to clean yours (once in a blue moon!) check out my instructions here.