I’ve heard from dozens of you who have written to tell me how the Tongue Tingler has changed your morning routine and how when travelling you’d rather forget your toothbrush — I hear you!!! It’s true that the Tongue Tingler AKA Tongue Scraper leaves your mouth and tongue feeling especially clean in the morning. When it takes only seconds, that's a feeling hard to beat — if you don’t know what I’m talking about then check this out to find out all about it.

But how do you keep your Tongue Tingler clean? Well, being a simple copper curve, all it really needs immediately after use is a rinse under the hot tap and a wipe — simple. Copper is naturally antibacterial which takes care of most things, but... metal natural reactions mean that a tarnish can develop, which while totally safe, isn’t as glossy and gleaming as when the scraper first arrives.

So for all of you out there who are interested in the details here’s how I clean my Tongue Tingler (once in a blue moon) without chemicals so that I can continue to show off my TT on sleepovers for years to come…

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How to Clean Your Tongue Tingler


  • A thin slice of lemon (cut a wedge if you’re cleaning multiple Tongue Tinglers or have some other copper items to tend to!)

  • Fine sea salt


  1. Take the lemon wedge and dip the cut side in salt.

  2. Gently work the salt-covered lemon over the Tongue Tingler to remove the tarnish, squeezing the lemon gently as you work and reapplying more salt to the lemon as needed.

  3. Rinse the Tongue Tingler thoroughly with warm water (use an old toothbrush to get into the grooves and remove any remaining salt) and dry with a towel, polish if you like with a soft dry cloth  — and you’re done!

East by West tip: Vinegar in place of lemon also works, just make a paste with the salt and apply with a cloth.

N.B. This method isn’t suitable for lacquered-copper items.

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