Another 24-hour trip... this time Copenhagen! I was excited to join ISKO last week for Denmark's annual Fashion Summit, the leading event covering sustainability in the fashion industry. 


After just 4 hours' sleep following World Meditation Day, I managed to forget my very organised suitcase (a first for being organised and thankfully also a first for forgetting a suitcase), so following a full day at the summit I had 30 minutes to find myself an outfit for the closing dinner at the city's poshest hotel, the Hotel d'Angleterre. After a successful shout-out on Instagram, a few fellow fashionistas kindly threw me frocks from their suitcase all of which I would have more than happily worn to any other dinner with the sneakers I had on and my travelling tote bag but apparently the likes of the Princess of Denmark was in attendance and I didn't want to get chucked out of Denmark on my first visit.  Luckily, Carmen Copenhagen, one of the the city's oldest vintage stores, came to the rescue with the head-to-toe look below. After trying on what felt like a million dresses in record time, I made a beeline for this vintage '50s skirt and the rest just came together as if it was meant to be.


I stayed at the Hotel SKT. PETRI, a converted department store which was thankfully situated smack back in the famous Latin Quarter - home to secondhand shops since the '70s, including Carmen Copenhagen. Furnished with drool-worthy green velvet sofas and stunning tiled floors, in true Danish fashion, the hotel interiors were worthy of any Pinterest board.

The following morning after breakfast, I hit the shops again, this time for a casual browse rather than a 'Challenge Anneka' mission. Wasteland, a stone's throw from Carmen Copenhagen, had a great selection of more casual vintage options. I picked up a pretty pink cotton Japanese kimono for £17, a steal in Danish prices, before heading back to the airport.


I'm looking forward to a future trip to Copenhagen to follow up on all the brilliant recommendations that came my way. One thing in particular that broke my heart to miss was a visit to The National Museum of Denmark which among other period rooms has one decorated fully in a '70s style. The dream! Oh and one more... the famous bronze little mermaid statue that's 105 years old - there was a miniature version in my parents house growing up and I used to stare at it and make up stories about her life and what she was thinking for hours. I must go dig her out...