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Tongue Tingler

This nifty little tool will make your mouth happier and healthier, which is also key to a happy and healthy gut, and ultimately a happy and healthy you! I think you’ll be surprised what a difference this simple habit can make when added to your morning routine. Made from 100% copper for its antibacterial properties.

To use, take the two ends of the tongue scraper in each hand, stick out your tongue, and guide the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of the tongue. Gently scrape forward and down several times, rinsing the white mucus off the scraper in between. Rinse the mouth once then wash the scraper with hot water after use. Store in a clean, dry place.


”I can’t deny that I was dubious when Jasmine told me about the Tongue Tingler, but can honestly say it’s now my favourite wellness essential and I can’t be without it. I am NOT a morning person but this makes me feel bright and alert even on the coldest of days.” - Katy Snee

“Ever since I got an East by West Tongue Tingler from Jasmine my day has begun with this Ayurvedic ritual. It’s literally the first thing I do in the morning – before I even drink anything (which means something, as I really love my coffee), talk (which also means something as I’m a very chatty person) or (insert drumroll) grab my phone. I’m so into my new routine that even when I’m travelling I always keep my Tongue Tingler with me in my hand luggage. Just to be on the safe side…” - Katrin Roth


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  5. Your Tongue Tingler will come with instructions on how to use it and come packaged in a sustainable, organic cotton pouch perfect for packing in your toiletries bag when you're on your travels.

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  7. For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns.

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