So proud to be featured in Fashion Revolution’s campaign for Fashion Revolution Week 2019. Fashion Revolution are an international collective made up of consumers, designers, academics, producers, workers and many others all along the fashion production line, all fighting for a more responsible approach to fashion. Fashion Revolution Week is their global annual effort to inspire as many people as possible to make better choices when it comes to their wardrobes, supporting workers, local communities and the environment in one fell swoop. They see fashion as a powerful force for good as long as we approach it consciously, and this is a philosophy I adhere to wholeheartedly. If you’re intrigued as to how you can help, you’ll find plenty of information here — it can be as simple as using a hashtag to spread the word.

And if you’re intrigued about my embroidered jumper in the pic, look no further than Alice Lee. The label was created by a pair of incredibly talented young designers, Alice Smith and Lee Farmer, with an artisanal approach that’s evident in their striking garments. All of their work is informed by a commitment to sustainability, using recycled and repurposed materials.