In East by West and on my website, I go into how Ayurveda can fit into all of our lives. For my new column in Because Magazine this month, I wrote more about why Ayurveda is an incredible avenue for bringing our modern, overstimulated selves back into balance — here is a sneak peek at what I said!


Big city living can be intense and, in essence, quite unnatural – seeking to conquer nature and override our natural rhythms. We are totally overstimulated and out-of-sync with our biological norms, which, in the most part, is due to technology. (Even lightbulbs have a lot to answer for when it comes to disrupting sleep patterns!)

Constantly distracted, seeking entertainment, and unable to find time to truly unwind and sit peacefully without the assistance of a glass of wine or an online binge, we’re so pushed and pulled into worrying about the past and fearing for the future that our minds spend half their time in realms that don’t actually exist. Our nervous systems simply haven't yet evolved to keep up with the unnatural environments of the modern day and the arrival of the digital, internet and social media ages, which all bring a constant bombardment of information. 

Of course, our ancestors would have contended with the same fears and anxieties that we have, but when you throw 24-hour connectivity into the mix – plus technology that’s designed to grab your attention and keep you hooked – everything is completely exacerbated into a mental maelstrom.