Well, it’s official: it’s been a year since a little passion project of mine became a reality. My book East by West hit the bookshelves on 2 November 2017 and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see it grow and evolve with every one of you who has found something to relate to in its pages. Since it was published, I have seen Ayurveda become a priority for more and more people as we start to understand that the new rules for health and wellbeing are actually the old ones.

Through the book’s successes — becoming an Amazon bestseller, being named Wellbeing Book of the Year, finding audiences worldwide — I have felt heartened and hopeful that Ayurveda can become more accessible to people everywhere, making their everyday lives that much richer. I can’t wait to keep being a part of this process through my conversations with all of you. Here’s to another year of understanding our mind-body balance using this ancient tried and tested knowledge!