A lovely bouquet of flowers is one of my favourite luxuries to indulge in, so when Bloom & Wild asked me to collaborate on their January pick, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Flowers are so incredibly therapeutic for the body, mind and soul! I love bringing the outdoors inside — especially in such a digital age, it’s lovely to have a reminder of the beauty and diversity of nature and the cycle of life in your home.

Flowers act as colour therapy and aromatherapy, and their essences are part of an ancient way of healing. They do not hang around forever, so you are forced to live in the moment and appreciate them fully when you have them.

One of my favourite tips for keeping cut flowers for as long as possible is not to place them by the fruit bowl, as it speeds up their life cycle. This reminds us of how much everything in the environment affects everything else. We also have to care constantly for these cut flowers — changing the water daily, retrimming them and not placing them anywhere too warm.

There is a definite nod to the new year ahead and wellbeing in this bouquet, while still reminding us to enjoy winter. It’s got sprigs of eucalyptus, one of my favourite essential oils — you can also hang these sprigs from your shower for a gorgeous way to wake up. As for the chrysanthemums in the bunch, they are well known for improving the quality of your air, ridding it of many common toxins. Last but not least, we added carnations, which are having a bit of a comeback at the moment.



This gorgeous collection of blooms is especially long-lasting (as long as you keep the water clean and keep it away from the radiators and the fruit bowl!). It will be sure to keep our spirits high this winter as we look forward to spring, along with my belly-warming kitchari and my favourite sweet for every season, rose and cardamom gram flour bites).

Shop the Bloom & Wild January pick in collaboration with Jasmine Hemsley here.


Jasmine Hemsley