2017 has been a year of many changes, both for me and the rest of the world. As December really settles in, and Christmas fast approaches, I start to reflect on the past year and the phenomenal support I have received – the buzz around my new book has been amazing, I can’t thank you all enough! I loved being interviewed for the December issue of Red magazine, where you can find a number of my recipes as well as more information on Ayurvedic practices.

Speaking of my yoga and meditation practice, I told Red, "Once you've tasted the nectar of stillness, clarity of mind and body; what it's like to wake up in the morning without a foggy head, you can't go back." If this sounds like something you could do with more of in your life, have a browse through my favourite resources that can guide you through Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and all-around wellness.

East by West is lots of different things, but it's a cookbook first and foremost, so the conversation had to turn to food eventually! I shared some of my recipes with the magazine and explained some of the Ayurvedic principles that govern our food. Here’s one of my favourite recipes to keep your taste buds tingling…


Red Magazine, golden spoon recipe.jpg

Jasmine Hemsley