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The wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga has influenced the last 17 years of my life.

Slowly but surely, this wisdom from the East has given me the framework with which to design my life for the better. In that time, I haven’t turned into what some might deem a skilful yogi or a devout Ayurveda enthusiast, but that’s the beauty of it all. Ayurveda isn't an exclusive club; it's a deep understanding of life that helps me to live mine in harmony with both my nature and the nature around me. It doesn’t define me and doesn’t interfere with my Western life, unless I want it to. I feel better when I put the things I’ve learnt into practice, and for those off days — or even weeks — when my routine goes out the window, I am equipped with so many techniques that can bring back some balance into my day or remedy what I might be lacking.

Welcome to My-urveda: I want to introduce you to some of my friends who have benefited from Ayurveda or whose knowledge and commitment to this science of life runs deep. These legends are from all corners of the globe and have inspired, influenced and supported my journey. Over the coming weeks, months, years, I will share their take on Ayurveda and how they incorporate it into their Western lifestyles, in the hope that seeing Ayurveda through somebody else's eyes might help fuel your passion for the practice, and enrich and empower your journey as you navigate this ancient science in our modern world.

I never tire of hearing about people's experiences with Ayurveda, so please email or DM me on Instagram @jasminehemsley to share your story and, if it's OK with you, join the My-Ayurveda series!! Jaz xx





Everyones journey through Ayurveda is unique, we love hearing stories about how Ayurveda has enriched people's lives. To share your story with us simply email us as and with your permission we will share with the East by West community.