The money we earn becomes a vote for the future when we spend it. I’ve been committed to living as sustainably as I can for years now, so I’m always looking into the production practices and sustainability of new brands in order to promote and  support them — after all, our health and the health of the planet are so linked! All this research can be a faff, especially if you’re already in a shop and in a hurry. But the B Corp certification, which businesses can choose to register for by ensuring their model follows rigorous ethical and sustainable standards, makes the work that much easier. These companies look at their overall impact on the planet and the world. 

If a company is a B Corp, you know right off the bat that you can trust them and feel good about supporting them and vote for what you believe in using your purchasing power. These businesses are committed to promoting positive social change, drastically reducing their environmental impact, and always promising public transparency and legal accountability. I’m highlighting some of my favourite B Corps below, but to find out if your faves are on the list, you can check here.



I’m a longtime fan of Pukka Herbs’ extensive collection of plastic-free teas, and even more so because of their admirable values and Ayurvedic inspiration. They use organic medicinal-grade ingredients, make every effort to reduce their carbon footprint and aim to strategically influence sustainable healthcare, social impact, regenerative agriculture and the climate crisis.



Veja’s trendy trainers are famously sustainable and ethical and a fashionista’s favourite! The French brand are committed to fair trade and ecological practices. Veja shoes and accessories are created in ethical facilities in South Brazil, using sustainable materials including organic cotton, wild rubber, eco leather and recycled plastic bottles.



The cult outerwear company always promote fair labour practices and hold themselves to high standards. They are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact by increasing the lifetime of each garment, using sustainable materials and employing safe production methods.



This is not your average toilet paper. Who Gives a Crap make their loo roll using environmentally friendly materials and donate 50% percent of their profits to help build toilets for those who don’t have access to them (that’s roughly 40% of the population, which is why we really, really should give a crap).



I’ve been using Klean Kanteen’s reusable bottles, cups and more for years. The family-owned business strive to have the most positive impact they can on the planet. Their products are free from BPA and other toxic chemicals, and they always try to reduce their environmental impact. One of their other amazing projects is their Bring Your Own campaign, which raises awareness of ecological issues.