Have you heard? Veganuary is in full swing! Whatever your reasons for going vegan this month — or for following a vegan lifestyle all year long, East by West the cookbook is full of vegan recipes as well as recipes that need just a tweak or two (like swapping out the cooking oil or adding a “flax egg”), but for those who don’t have it yet I’ve got plenty of recipes right here to keep mealtimes seasonal, exciting and flavourful the Ayurvedic way. Here’s a selection to give you a taster.

Note: Some of these recipes call for ghee, but you can easily substitute your favourite oil or skip it in serving.


Whether you want a touch of something sweet before your lunch (the sweet taste goes first in Ayurveda!), a mid-afternoon snack or a delicious breakfast, you’ll love these recipes.







If you’re on the market for a small digestible supper or a side for a bigger meal, these ones are for you.






The idea that vegan food will leave you hungry is completely off-base — these wonderfully satisfying dishes are living proof.