With a little preparation, this simple one-ingredient recipe becomes a taste sensation. Freezing a grape is one of those a-ha moments - its flesh turns into a tight little sorbet pudding. Ayurveda, however, isn’t a fan of frozen foods and, let's admit it, we’ve all experienced a slushy or ice-cream brain freeze. But below you’ll find a way to enjoy the ice cold sensation while changing that little frozen grape into something warming and sweet, all while enjoying the process...



  • Bunch of grapes, preferably organic and with seeds.


  1. Pop them in the freezer for at least 3-5 hours.

  2. Once frozen, take some of them out on a bowl and enjoy.

Before you munch all the bunch of grapes in a couple of minutes, let’s do a little mindfulness exercise.

Pick up a grape and take a moment to really connect to her. She’s been on quite a journey to get to you, you know. It begun with a seed, became a berry, ripened on a vine somewhere nice and sunny, it was lovingly harvested, traveled internationally for the first time to get to a market, just to be picked up by you, frozen and then be staring at you right now. Honour her journey and welcome her nourishment. She’s about to become part of your body!

Now take the grape and put it in your mouth. Feel its crisp texture, refreshing temperature, and sweet essence. If it has seeds, even better! They’ll make you be very careful and connected to what you’re eating, or punish you with bitterness should you dare crush them.

Chew very well and once it no longer feels cold, swallow. You want to warm it up in your mouth so that when it reaches your stomach it won’t disrupt your digestive fire (agni), so no rushing and swallowing early!

Congratulations you just ate mindfully. It wasn’t that bad was it? Now on to the next grape...