I have mixed feelings about sharing this little gem with you but vintage shopping can be a daunting task, just when you’ve gathered up all your mental strength, ready to wander for hours you walk into the store and find that everything is well out of your price range. That’s just one of the reasons I LOVE Beyond Retro in Soho. Not only does it provide one of my favourite weekend activities (pouring over the amazing vintage wares from denim overalls to incredible gowns) it does so without the hefty price tag we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to with vintage. You can find a beautiful dress here from between 20-30 pounds, comparatively priced to what you’d find in a fast fashion chain. Helpfully, everything is organised by colour and style and the staff are happy to help you out. Don’t miss the amazing shoes too, they tend to be placed around the clothing displays.

This is one of my favourite purchases from Beyond Retro, it has well and truly got its #30wears