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Name: Dr. Shijoe Mathew Anchery BAMS PG Dip in Panchakarma PGDCRRA

Bio: Dr. Mathew is an Ayurvedic doctor and the founder of Ayurvedic Life With Dr. Mathew. Born in Kuwait and raised in Kerala, South India, Dr. Mathew was influenced by Ayurveda early on and eventually decided to dedicate his life to practising and sharing this ancient knowledge. Dr. Mathew has been an Ayurvedic physician for almost a decade, most notably at Ananda in the Himalayas. His practice mainly focuses on dosha diagnosis-based body balancing, Panchakarma and Ayurvedic lifestyle planning.

Practice: Church Hall, St Richard's Church, Sydney Road, Haywards Heath. For appointments, email or call 07585366614.

How long have you been practicing Ayurveda?
I've been practicing Ayurveda for the last 10 years since 2008.

Where/when did you first come across it?
I was born and brought up in a family with traditional Ayurvedic roots and I'm actively studying it since beginning of 2003.

What is your one top tip for people who want to introduce Ayurveda into their lives?
Love and respect the food you eat. Aim for simple living and high thinking.

How would you describe Ayurveda in one sentence?
The only difference between food, poison and medicine is it's DOSE.