Stop the press - EAST BY WEST the cookbook is launching this November!

I’m so excited to announce that my new cookbook is launching this November and is now available to pre-order! In a nutshell, EAST BY WEST: Simple Ayurvedic Recipes for Ultimate Mind-Body Balance is for anyone with a passion for eating well, feeling great…..and having dessert at lunchtime!

After the success of my Ayurvedic pop-up cafe in Mayfair last year, I wanted to share more of my love of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda - and show how it can be fun, accessible and, of course, delicious. This 5,000 year old healing system has been one of the major catalysts for my journey into health and wellbeing and has become increasingly important to me. I truly believe that in our world today, when we never stop rushing, we need to return to valuing and connecting every part of ourselves: mind, body and spirit. 

My book will have 130 recipes which I've carefully designed to nourish, sustain and reinvigorate - helping you find your ultimate mind-body balance. Ayurveda focuses on eating high-quality cooked food in a relaxed environment, allowing the body and mind to appreciate the goodness that the food provides while encouraging us to slow down. My book will also have all the tips and tricks to reboot your system, manage your health seasonally and tailor your lifestyle to suit your individual body type or ‘dosha’. Whatever your needs, Ayurveda has got your back so let's get cooking...

Hang tight for the cover reveal coming in June. Between now and then I’ll be posting lots of exclusive previews so stay tuned and, in the meantime, pre-order now!

Jasmine Hemsley