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inspirational people

Will Williams
The founding teacher at Will Williams Meditation, helping individuals achieve balance, overcome pain and trauma, and ultimately enable them to achieve growth and success in all areas of life.


Gary Gorrow
Gary Gorrow is a Vedic meditation practitioner (Master Teacher), a qualified Ayurvedic health coach and mindfulness expert. 


Dr. Vasant Lad
An American author, Ayurvedic physician, professor and director of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Susie Pearl
Writer and author on expanding life into balance and harmony with good nutrition, mindfulness, creativity and positive healthy habits.


Ayurvedic treatments, classes and services to improve and help you maintain your optimal health.

online resources

Ayurvedic Practitioner Association
To find out your Dosha first hand.


Maharishi Ayurveda (R)
Great source for a wide variety of Ayurvedic tips and products.


Beautiful recipes and blog.


Mauli Rituals
India's ancient wisdom renewed and refined for balanced modern living. The common thread in all we do is to celebrate the sacredness of the individual.


Pukka Teas and Herbs
A world of incredible organic teas and supplements.


Banyan Botanicals
Offering a wide variety of Ayurvedic tips products. Sustainably sourced and fairly traded. 


The Chopra Centre
The premier source for mind-body balance, spiritual fulfillment, and total transformation.



Centres & treatments

Ayurveda Pura, London
Providing Ayurvedic products and training worldwide, to the highest Western standards of purity and quality, whilst staying true to the principles of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda Pura Academy, london
Award-winning international Academy based in London where students can learn Ayurveda, the holistic Indian medical science, in a college course environment.


akasha yoga centre, nottingham
Great place to learn more about Ayurveda — consultations, workshops, courses and more.


Ayurveda Lifestyle, doncaster
A full range of Ayurvedic care including face-to-face consultations, Panchakarma detoxification retreats, hands-on treatments and telephone consultations.


Clover Mill, Worcestershire
A luxury experience for those seeking to enhance their wellbeing through Ayurveda, yoga and being in nature.


Bhuti yoga and Ayurvedic treatments, Richmond
Bhuti is an eco wellbeing centre, day spa, yoga studio, wellbeing members club, and vegan cafe in Richmond, South West London.


Loretta Heywood offers a host of Ayurvedic massages, facials, treatments and more in several venues throughout London.