Earth Day 2018 is already here — can you believe it? On Sunday 22 April, we take the time to honour our planet and check in with our habits and their environmental impact. When it comes to the environment, none of us are perfect, but we can all try and do our part. If you’re not sure what you can do to further support Mother Nature, here are some tips to help you lead a more eco-conscious life.


Single-use plastic is one of the most widespread threats to the environment. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to significantly decrease, or even cut out, your plastic usage. Start by bringing reusable containers — flasks, thermoses, cold cups, sustainable lunch boxes — to your local coffee shop or when buying takeaway meals. You can take this step further by bringing your own bags and jars to your market run. Many shops let you use these for bulk items — see here for a list of zero waste shops around the country. Check out my shop page to find reusable containers for every usage.



You’re probably recycling by now, but recyclable items vary by county — you might be surprised at the items your local area recycles or doesn’t, and it’s important that you’re aware of this when disposing of packaging. Check your county’s website to find out more, or to request they start recycling certain items.


“Fast fashion” can be very harmful to the environment, in addition to often resorting to unethical practices during production. Instead, opt for brands that create sustainable clothing using fair-trade practices. On the high street, H&M and ASOS carry sustainable lines, while on the higher end, designers such as Mara Hoffman and Stella McCartney have high standards for ecological and ethical production. Being sustainable also doesn't been you have to only opt for ethical brands, instead when shopping on the high-street follow Livia Firth's "30 Wears" practice and ask yourself, "am I going to wear this item 30 times or not?" If yes, then brilliant, if not, it's probably better to put it back on the rack. Another fun and easy way to dress sustainably is to go thrifting! Check out your local charity shop, flea market or car boot sale for unique finds — sign yourself up for the Women for Women #SheInspiresMe carboot sale on 12th May where from experience, I can promise, there will be some great finds! 

Next week, to mark Fashion Revolution Week, I'll be wearing a head-to-toe sustainable outfit each and everyday to show you that ethical clothing doesn't mean wearing a hemp potato sack, it can be just as on trend and stylish as the high-street and designer brands we know and love. Follow me on Instagram and come back to for more details next week. 


The chemicals often found in ordinary cosmetics are toxic for the environment, especially when they infiltrate our water. Opt for natural products whenever possible, avoiding harmful ingredients like parabens, BHA and retinol and making sure the packaging is fully recyclable or compostable — this will be so much better both for your body and for the environment! Shop some of my favourites here.

Jasmine Hemsley