Hemsley + Hemsley brought their food philosophy to life with their first-ever all-day café, at Selfridges Oxford Street, London. 

As part of the new Body Studio on 3, the 30-seater café serves a day-to-night menu with recipes from Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley's international bestselling cookbook The Art of Eating Well  as well as the highly anticipated follow up Good + Simple. From their nourishing and restorative bone broth to spiralized dishes and never-before-shared recipes favoured by their private clients, the café also caters to those who are in a rush or wanting to pop in for a quick bite.

Now serving cream tea and afternoon tea - 3 tiers of gluten-, grain- and refined sugar free cakes and sandwiches with low dosage champagne which you can book on 0207 318 3170

For more on the cafe follow: https://www.instagram.com/hemsleyselfridges/