Today, September 22, 2017 is the Autumn Equinox which means it's officially the change in seasons (astronomically rather than meteorologically). Bye bye summer! For those that THINK they might know what Equinox means but not quite sure (hands up me for ages!) it's the day when the light of the day is the same length as the dark of the night - that's right - the long summer days have come to an end for 2017 and we now make our way into Autumn/Winter with shorter days and longer nights...

Can you feel the change? Are people around you starting to sniffle? Are the lurgies doing the rounds? That’s because as much as we like to think we’re immune to nature - nature always finds us! In Ayurveda we respect the season. Now is the time to snuggle down with an abundance of cooked root vegetables and plenty of added spice for flavour and warmth. Replace dry, light foods with grounding, warming soups, stews and fatty foods which are great for this transition season!!

So get in the swing of things at breakfast time - I'm dreaming of my Autumn spiced apples, a classic Ayurveda breakfast -  one of my favourites and sooo simple #soothingsaturdays

Autumn is a season of transition and change and is cold, dry, rough, windy, and erratic, just like the vata dosha, which can leave us feeling light and spacey. Since like increases like, according to Ayurveda,  for those who are already quite Vata - you might feel anxious, nervous, confused, on edge and, ungrounded, and experience bloating, constipation, and dry skin so this is an important time to eat foods that are warming and grounding to balance that excess Vata energy.

This is a classic Ayurvedic breakfast. Best eaten first thing in the morning, fruit is much more easily digested when it is cooked, especially in colder weather. Starting the day with stewed apple builds an appetite for lunch, stimulates regular bowel movements, increases vitality and alertness, and provides a light but satisfying breakfast - perfect for easing you into the day rather than shocking the system which has been resting, by tucking into a heavy meal.  For something heartier, follow with a hot porridge.

Serves 1
1 fresh apple, peeled and cored
5 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/4 cup water (or more)
A few sprigs of basil - optional

Cut the apples in the wedges and in half again
Add to apples, water, cinnamon and cloves into small covered pot and simmer until tender - careful not to let it dry out - add a splash of water if necessary

Serve and enjoy the simplicity and don’t forget to sip the delicious liquid if there is anything left -  apple spiced tea!

p.s since it’s transition time - experiment with adding some summer basil - absolutely delicious with this

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