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I've designed a very gentle Cleanse + Reset programme just for my subscribers — here are a few reasons I think you'll love it!

  • By supporting your body and giving it a break from too much food, or hard-to-digest food, you allow it to do what it does best; cleanse, balance and repair. The result is an overall better functioning of the mind and body.

  • It’s so simple — only 3 days, 4 recipes and one pot (so less washing up!).

  • There are only a few ingredients in each dish, plus your spice cupboard (or nature's medicine cabinet).

  • This is a hearty, comforting, warming and grounding plan — unlike prohibitive cleanses like juice, water, raw food or calorie-counting detoxes.

  • It’s an effective reset for the taste buds and the appetite, and sorts cravings from true hunger: these nutritious meals fill you up and leave you satisfied.

  • This 3-day plan is all about cosy pampering and honouring yourself. More yin than yang. No gyms or exercise plans.

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Have you already subscribed, but can't remember how to access the Cleanse + Reset? Just check the welcome email I sent you — I recommend bookmarking the page for future reference, too. Happy Reset!